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("Privacy Law")


The following information is provided, according to article 13 of the Privacy Code, by Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI, and refers to the personal data provided by consumers when accessing and/or registering on the site (Site) or when booking on the aforementioned Site
Signora LAURA MARIA IACI is owner of the Site through which she offers registration services, information, and sales of her services.

In her role as service provider for registration, sales, site manager and the fact that she alone is responisible for the organization of the personal data collected through the site platform, Signora LAURA MARIA IACI assumes the role of ‘Owner of details held’ as regards art. 4, comma 1, lett. f) of D. Lgs. N. 196/2003 "Privacy Code" referring to the personal information left by the users of the site for the motives mentioned at point 2 following.
The information which follows is given according to article 13 of the Privacy Code for the activity described in points 1-7 following, as specified.


The Ownership of the data is held by Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI, Via delle Ginestre 23, int. 20 - 95030 Pedara (CT), National Insurance No. CIALMR70M52C351P - Tel. +39 (338) 83.22.214 - e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI will hold the details supplied by  users for the following reasons;

  1. (a) to allow them to register on the Site and to use the services reserved for registered users such as paying or booking online.
  2. (b) to conclude the contract between the parties and permit the operation to conclude with success, including the activity of after-sales assistance. Furthermore users may, even if not registered, send requests for information or clarification on products for sale in the site, and, in order to fulfil these requests Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI will ask for some personal details (e.g. name, surname, e-mail);
  3. (c) For administrative and accounting purposes in addition to the obligations laid down by the law;
  4. (d) When explicit agreement has been given by the user, the information will be used by Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI to send promotional and informative communications including discount vouchers and special offers regarding the services offered, as well as market research via email and traditional post. (so called ‘marketing’.)
  5. (e) Limited to the email given by the user when buying a product or service offered or sold on the site by Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI to allow the direct selling of similar products or services without the need for explicit consent or permission by the interested party ( as provided for in art. 130, comma 4 of  the Code regulating Privacy) and subject to the condition that  the user does not exercise the right to opposition as described in paragraph 3 following ( so called ‘soft spamming’)
  6. (f) Providing express consent has been given by the user, for the elaboration of their consumer choices and shopping habits by Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI through the study of the type and frequency of acquisitions on the Site, in order to send information and/or publicity specifically aimed at the user’s interests through email, and the improvement of the offers sent by Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI, (so called ‘profiling’).

Furthermore, we wish to specify that:

Authentication credentials
Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI will deal with the data given at registration in order for the user to access the reserved areas on the site

Sensitive data
In order to register on the Site or make a purchase through the Site no sensitive data is ever required.

Navigation data and use of cookies

It's possible to access the Site and look at the products offered without being asked to provide any personal data whatsoever. However, the information systems and the software which ensures the functioning of the Site collect some personal data during normal functioning, through the transmission of information which is implicit in the use of the communication protocols of the internet ( through the help and use of cookies). This information is not gathered in order to be associated to the identity of a specific user, but, due to its nature, could be used, through elaboration or association, to identify the user.  IP addresses or dominion names of the computer used by the users who access the site, the addresses in URL of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to request the server, the dimension of the file received in reply, etc. These data are used to compile anonymous statistics on the use of the Site, (in particular the number of hits) and to check it is working correctly. In this process no information which directly identifies a user is dealt with.
The navigation data will be bought, as indicated above, solely and exclusively by Sig.ra LAURA MARIA IACI.

3. The supply of data and the consequences if there is no permission to hold the data

The supply of the data for the reasons above (a) (b) and (c) of number 2 is facultative. However, given that holding the data is necessary in order to permit registration and access to the reserved services, including the ability to book and buy online, the eventual refusal to provide the data in question precludes the party from registering on the Site and/or of being able to buy or book services online.
With reference to the reasons for holding the data specifically letter (d) (‘marketing’) and (f) (‘profiling’) of point 2 above, the absence of permission to hold the data is purely facultative and can be expressed  through selecting the specific box, for each distinct reason at the foot of the registration document of the Site. If permission is not given, registration to the Site is not affected and there are no consequences on buying and/or booking on the Site and it will only have the following consequences:

  • the absence of permission to hold personal data for point 2, letter (d) (‘marketing’) above will mean the user will not receive information or promotional material ( including the ‘newsletter’), discount vouchers and special offers from Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI  in relation to products and services offered, as well as market research, by email and by traditional post;
  • the absence of permission to hold personal data for point 2, letter (f) (‘profiling’) above will mean Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI  will be unable to analyse the consumer’s choices through examining the type and frequency of the purchases made by the user on the Site in order to send promotional material of specific interest to the user.

The user may, in any case, withdraw permission given for point 2, letter letter (d) (‘marketing’) and (f) (‘profiling’), and object to the holding of data for the reason given in letter (e) (‘soft spamming’) by contacting Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI at the address given at the above number 1.
Furthermore, limited to the reasons specified at point 2,  letter (d) (‘marketing’) and (e) (‘soft spamming’), the user can object to the holding of their data through the  link provided specifically at the foot of every email which contains promotional material sent by Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI.
Users may also express their objection by communicating through traditional postal services.

4. How the data will be stored
The collection of the data will be primarily carried out by use of electronic equipment and will be automatic, and will be carried out by means guaranteed to protect the security and privacy of the data itself, conforming to the Privacy Code. In particular, all technical, informatic, organisational, logistic and procedural measures concerning security will be put into place in order to guarantee the minimum protection afforded by law, allowing access only to the person nominated as responsible or has ownership of the data.

5. Who may be given access to the data

The user personal data supplied, for the purposes described in paragraph 2 above, may be brought to the knowledge of, or communicated to the following subjects:

(i) businesses or consultants who are charged with installing, maintaining,, updating and, in general the management of the hardware and software belonging to Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI (including the platform);
(ii) to businesses charged by Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI with online communication
(iii) to subjects charged with repairing products bought in fulfiment of the legal guarantee provided where Mrs LAURA MARIA IACI acts as the seller of the bought product;
(iv) to all subjects and/or public and private, physical and legal, (law firms, administrative and tax consultants), where the communication is necessary to ensure the correct adherence to the contractual obligations taken on in relation to the services offered by the Site, as well as the legal obligations;
(v) to couriers and other people charged with the handling of goods bought
(vi) to all subjects (including Public Authorities) who have access to data in accordance with  legal requirements.

All the personal data supplied by users in relation to the registration of the Site and/or the purchase or booking through the Site are not subject to sharing.
The updated list of the responsible persons and those who deal with the data is available for consultation at the office of the owners.

6. Storage of the data

Personal data will be stored only for the time necessary to ensure the services offered are carried out effectively.

7. Right to access to personal data

According to article 7 of the Privacy Code, the user has the right to:

a) obtain confirmation whether personal data exists or not regarding them and their communications in an intelligible form;
b) obtain, through each Owner of the data:

- indication on where the personal data has come from, the reasons for holding it and how it is stored, on the logic applied if it is held using the assistance of electronic equipment;
- indications on the details identifying each of the Owners of the data;
- indications about the subjects or the categories of subjects whose data could be communicated, or who can receive the data as    a government official or employee;

c) receive:

- updates, corrections or integration of the data regarding themselves;
- the cancellation, the anonymous transformation, or the blocking of data held violating the law, including the data necessary to keep in order to carry out the procedures originally intended when the data was gathered or afterwards dealt with;
- the guarantee of the fact that operations previously mentioned have been brought to the attention of the parties to whom they have been communicated or given regarding their content, save in cases where it is impossible or that in order to do so the means would be out of proportion in respect to the right being guaranteed.

d)    object, in whole or in part to:

- the holding of data regarding the party, even though it is relevant for the reasons for which it was gathered, for legitimate reasons;
- the holding of personal data regarding the party, for commercial reasons or for sending publicity, direct selling or in order to carry out market research or commercial communications.

The rights above can be carried out by requesting the Owner of the data at the address above in paragraph 1 of this information.
The Right to Object by interested parties to the holding of his personal data for the reasons given in Paragraph 2 letter (d) (marketing) carried out through automatic methods of contact (email) is also extended to traditional methods (post), unless the interested party exercises this right only in part as allowed for in article  7, comma 4, lett. B of the Privacy Code, objecting only to publicity communication carried out through automatic equipment, for example, to only send promotional communications made through automated tools

1* ‘owner’, the physical person, legal person, pubic body or any other entity, association or organism together with other owners, where decisions are taken regarding how data will be used, which methods will be employed, and which includes the security profile;

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